DRYER - Wood - Feed - Biomass Pellet Production Plants

The Saw mills generate majority of the wood waste like sawdust and wood chips of Spruce and Pipe wood, the average moisture content is between 50-60%, therefore drying plays important role in Wood Pellet Plant, the drying process in dryer brings down the moisture content within the range of 8-10%, the drying accuracy of the dryer will be 1% +/- to avoid trouble in pelleting process and pellet quality, dryer is very important equipment for Wood Pellet Plant.

Rotary Dryer Plant, highly recommended for Wood - Feed - Biomass Pellet Production Plants, the sawdust, Agriculture Waste or wood chips with high moisture content enters from one side of the Dryer and comes out from the other end with 8 to 12% of moisture, the hot air passing through the Dryer raise the inner temperature and wood chips dried to the required level of Wood, Feed & Biomass Pellet Production Plants.

Dryer - Wood - Feed - Biomass Pellet Production Plants

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